Technology & Engineering

We have the expertise on the ground.

When it comes to the distribution of technical complex products that are knowledge-intensive and require explanation, a lot of suppliers trust Melchers. We have experts on the ground in Southeast Asia, who can provide the necessary service and technical support and are competent to meet the expectations of buyers and users of European high end machinery and technologies. Melchers ensures professional pre-sales communication with its customers, and also guarantees after sales support and fast responses. Our teams of qualified technicians provide product- and application-training for all customers. We ensure quick identification, order processing, delivery and installation of spare parts and consumables. In addition, we also own warehouses to store spare parts.


Team Medical & Scientific Sdn. Bhd. (TMS) is a team of committed professionals, all dedicated to the same goal : To improve safety, effectiveness and resilience for every customers we served.

TMS is marketing-, sales- and after-service-organisation dedicated to provide scientific solutions to solve problems related to
(i) Safety & Containment,
(ii) Food & Feed Quality,
(iii) Environmental Monitoring & Agri-Research and
(iv) Life science Research for every laboratories and factories.

The TMS Team has a loyal end-users from Malaysia and other South East Asian countries, who rely on a competitive and complimentary portfolio of well-known products and services to solve their challenges.


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Oil & Gas / CNG Technologies

The Melchers Oil & Gas department is an expert in oil and gas, power plants, marine and offshore related industries and applications. We focus on delivering business solutions with our excellent innovative technology and good quality engineering products. Our department helps our customers to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity in operation and maintenance, as well as protecting and monitoring the needs of their asset, the environment and safety. We also provide application- and training-services and after-sales technical support as we are committed to total customers’ satisfaction.


Melchers also developed the CNG business in Singapore with strong expertise in the conversion of vehicles to dual- and bi-fuel cars, the building of CNG stations and the transportation of compressed natural gas in large volumes.


  • Böhmer GmbH:Fully welded and split body ball valves
  • Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG:Corrosion protection products
  • Welland & Tuxhorn:HP/LP Bypass valves, boiler special control valves, hydraulic actuating systems, spare parts for W&T valves and actuators
  • Pergam-Suisse AG:Gas leak detection system
  • Axel Semrau:Natural Gas Analysis – odorization control, chromatography software solutions
  • Eagle Filters:air filtration system for power plants
  • PPS:Anti-corrosion film for storage tanks
  • Schäfer:High pressure systems for storage tanks


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Palletizing Systems

We are looking back to a longstanding history of acting as exclusive agent of Newtec Bag Palletizing in Asia. Newtec Bag Palletizing is one of the leaders for palletizing systems for agricultural food, chemicals and building materials. For more than 40 years Newtec Bag Palletizing has been developing its experience in complete end-of-line pelletizing solutions and offers a wide range of layer deposit and robotic palletizers.


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Automated Vehicle Washing Equipment

The Melchers Group is the representative for the German manufacturer WashTec, the leading global supplier of car and commercial vehicle washing equipment, chemicals and services to the commercial washing industry. Every day, more than 2 Million cars are washed with WashTec technologies.


WashTec produces not only roll-over gantry systems, using a soft-touch friction and high-pressure method, but also commercial vehicle washing solutions, water recovery and self-service equipment as well as conveyor tunnel systems. 


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Melchers Aviation Technical Services

Melchers Aviation Technical Services Pte Ltd (MATS), which represents leading suppliers in the aviation industry in Asia, was incorporated in 1974 before it became a Member of the Melchers Group in Greater China and ASEAN in 2004. With specialized activities in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore, MATS constantly strives to satisfy its customers' requirements with highly reliable and cost effective products and technical solutions to minimize the "cost of ownership". Its philosophy is driven by longevity, credibility and outstanding customer service.  Our clientele consists largely of airlines and related maintenance service companies (MRO's):


GMI AEROMarketing of repair and overhaul services, repair equipment and processes for advanced structural composite parts, including applicable spares


USATCO U.S.A Tools Co.: Tools & test equipment, hand- and power tools, maintenance tools produced under license from major aircraft and engine manufacturers


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Nexus Logo.png
Nexus Analytics

As a leader in the distribution and support of scientific research products in South East Asia, Nexus Analytics represents renowned manufacturers from around the world in providing current and next-generation tools and technologies focusing on integrated solutions and applications. In 2017 Nexus was incorporated into the Melchers Group.


The instruments we sell, install and maintain are essential for both Q/C and research, analysis of materials and semiconductors, chemicals and petrochemicals, food and agriculture, environmental, protein research, and are common place in most analytical labs in government regulatory and educational / research institutions and commercial testing labs. 


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Melchers Project Management - Entertainment Industry

Melchers Project Management (MPM) offers industrial materials, equipment and spare parts needed for Theme & Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Indoor Amusement Centres and Sports Facilities and is considered one of the largest suppliers and developers of visitor attractions and associated services in the Asia Pacific region. The company also successfully installed indoor ice-skating facilities in shopping malls across Asia.


MPM's experience in the attractions industry is unique and spans all aspects of project development from conception over investment to technical design, supply and operation. Examples of projects in Singapore are the Tiger Sky Tower on Sentosa, which commenced operations in February 2004 and the Singapore Flyer, which opened in 2008.   


The companies also assisted local governments in Malaysia and Taiwan to develop Sky Tower projects – as focal points of tourism incubation.

The development of a theme park in Sri La

nka which we started in 2017, called Fantasy Island, is delayed due to the adverse economic development there.


With many years of experience, a commitment to after sales service and a team of qualified professionals, MPM has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality technical products and services. Whether you are a manufacturer or a customer, MPM can offer the experience, people, infrastructure and spirit of partnership needed to make your project a  success in Asia.


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Sky Tower Logo Vector.png
Sky Tower Pte Ltd.

SKY TOWER Pte Ltd. was a development conceived by Melchers Project Management. On 7 February 2004, Sky Tower opened to the public and today still counts as one of the key attractions in Sentosa, ensuring its guests the best views from a 360° revolving cabin 131 m above sea level. Sentosa did not extend the lease agreement and the very much loved Sky Tower had to cease operations in 2019. Sentosa then developed their own viewing experience (albeit only 45 meters above sea level) on the same foundation, so the business model and concept lives on.


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The C. Melchers Material Testing Department, set up in the seventies, specializes in equipment and instruments relating to the testing of materials by means of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods.

We carry a wide selection of world-class non-destructive testing equipment and instruments for different industries. We are prominent in aerospace, ship building and repairs, onshore- and offshore inspections, NDT surveys, general manufacturing, quality control, research & development as well as academic institutions.

We are currently representing the following international renowned brands:


USL, NDT Systems Inc, Technology Design Ltd, Karl Deutsch GmbH and NewSonic GmbH:

Ultrasonic Testing Equipment including thickness gauging, flaw detection, C-scan immersion systems, Advanced Phased Array, hardness measurement, UT probes, UT calibration blocks and accessories

UniWest & Techna NDT: Eddi Current testing equipment, probes, test blocks & accessories

IBG Swiss AG: Eddi Current semi finished product testing and component testing

COMET & LORAD LPX: constant potential X-Ray generators and tubes

Carestream: Computed Radiography (CR), Wireless Digital Radiography (DR) Industrial Film Digitizer, Digital Imaging Plates and accessories

COLENTA Labortechnik & Alphatec Corporation: Auto-Film Processors

KOWOTEST GmbH: X-ray viewer, CR Phantom and Duplex IQI Radiation Detection & Monitoring

BELEC SPECTROMETER: Metal analyzers for inspection in chemical and petrochemical industries

Chemetall GmbH  – Ardrox: Liquid penetrant inspection of surface discontinuity

Karl Deutsch GmbH, Magnaflux GmbH & Gould-Bass Co., Inc.: MPI bench systems

Henke Sass Wolf GmbH & EFER Endoscopy: fibre optic endoscopes, borescopes, videoscopes

LABINO: LED Ultraviolet lamps, build to exacting engineering standards, CSA and CE approved

Oros: Instruments for vibration and noise signal analysers

Sonaspection International Ltd: Flawed specimens in the NDT and NDE evaluation industry


In addition to these products, we also offer comprehensive pre-sales support, calibration services and post-sales configuration and training.


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