Outsourcing Services & Partnership

You want to either enter the Asian market or wish to expand your existing business in Asia, but the legal, fiscal and administrative requirements as well as the lingual and cultural barriers may be complex obstacles; you lack the necessary experience, facilities, network, financial and/or human resources to realize your growth plans?


                                - Melchers can be your partner in expanding your Asia business. -


You have the business idea and we have the experience and Asia competence to realize it. We look back to over 150 years of Asia experience, in which we helped numerous small and medium sized European companies as well as some worldwide renowned brands of different industries to enter the Asian markets.


We help you determine the potential of your expansion plans and define the first steps:

  • We conduct market entry feasibility studies
  • We develop the right market entry strategy for your business case
  • We offer consultancy services on different modes of entries


– We assist you in the administrative handling and building up of local manpower –


Headhunting and finding the right Human Resources

We can either work with our established partners to find the right candidates for your business expansion model or employ a person on your behalf to do the business incubation for your company (delegate model).


Company Set Up and Registration

We can manage the whole registration process for you. We have longstanding connections to public authorities and are always up-to-date on changes in policies and requirements regarding the administrative processes.


Accounting Services

If you want to have your own set up, but don’t want to deploy your own admin and accounting team, our local team can take over this task for your organisation. They can then focus on sales and business development.


Shared Office & Infrastructure

Establishing the right infrastructure takes time and is costly. If you want to employ someone, but don’t have your own office facilities, your employees, as member of our group and system, can use our facilities. You can just rent a desk or office within our premises. Benefit from our infrastructure from reception, to meeting rooms and copy machines. Everything is in place, ready to use.


Invoicing & Fulfilment Services

Your clients want to buy locally, but you don’t know how to manage sales abroad? We can invoice and sell on your behalf, manage your stock, account receivables and collection.


– We know how to do business in Asia,

We are your partner in sourcing, warehousing and distribution –


Procurement and local Production

You want to source specific raw materials or semi-finished and finished products in Asia, but don’t know where to get what you are looking for and what conditions are reasonable?

We help you step by step: We can select for you, or together with you, suitable suppliers and producers, take care of quality management, organise storage and delivery – and a great deal more. Our procurement teams provide intensive support for your business operations or look after all purchasing processes for you on a local level, thus ensuring maximum delivery reliability, product quality and cost efficiency.


Logistics & Warehousing

You can entrust your inbound, outbound and transhipment warehousing needs to us.

All of our services and facilities are strategically based on the premises within our sales offices, allowing for maximum flexibility and fast deliveries.

Our Singapore warehouse is centrally located allowing for less than 30 minutes delivery time to any Singapore location. Our 10,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space includes 2,000 sq. ft. of clean, partly air-conditioned storage and an engineering workshop area.



You have the product, but lack the distribution network? As our partner you can profit from our worldwide sales network, which ensures access to your customers. While you concentrate on your core business, we develop your brands and ensure that your products are available everywhere at all times.


– We know how to reach and serve your Asian customers –


Marketing Expertise

Local success depends on the understanding of local culture, relevant customs and requirements that influence customer behaviour.

We develop marketing strategies for you based on our experience and most recent customer behaviour trends that fit the demands of your local target group.


After Sales Service

Language barriers, time difference, distance to the market and lack of experienced local staff make it difficult to respond to the customers' needs after purchase. If the handling of after sales inquiries in Asia has been the major point preventing you from realizing your expansion plans so far, you can be relieved, because we can take care of risk management and after-sales service for you. We maintain regular personal contact with our partners' customers, and our technical service personnel will take care of trouble shooting, maintenance services and warranty as well as after-warranty issues. We also provide product and application training for our customers' operators and ensure a speedy ordering, delivery and installation of spare parts.


Industrial Lobbying and Matchmaking                                                                                                    

The members of our management are well established in Singapore and the region and can support strategic projects to advance your business in Asia.


Melchers is a member of the following organisations in Singapore:

- Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)

- Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF)

- Singaporean German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGI)

- Swiss Business Association (SBA)


By outsourcing your Asia operations, you not only save substantial personnel costs. Our know-how, coupled with our local presence and infrastructure, lays the foundation for long-term market success.

Let’s get in touch and discuss your individual service requirements.